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Dragon Fly Series

The Lightworkers foundation came together as a vision of the founder Michelle Hodge Tedrow. This is an organization that supports the proliferation of information that is designed to help people heal themselves and each other through prayer or meditation, channeling spirit of loved ones and angels or guides, energy work and other positive and sometimes experimental practices. It is our mission to create an association for those interested in lightwork and finding deeper meaning in life.

The Lightworkers believe in the power of intentional good thoughts and action in service to others. The Lightworkers Foundation is not a religion it does not seek to replace or influence the values of it's member rather it seeks a free exchange of thoughts and ideas with other seekers, other souls open to exploration of ourselves, our origins and our higher purpose. We seek to share miraculous experiences.

We seek to be open and to listen to the inner guide inside of each of us. It is our hope to be of service to our friends family and community. Much like any service organization we seek to make the services affordable and accessible to all that need them. We believe all creatures are connected to god, nature, creator, source whatever your term for your higher power, the point is we are all given the ability to sense beyond what the eye can capture. Lightworkers serve by developing our senses to enhance our experience. We believe by developing all of our given senses we will be better able to make decisions that will be beneficial to ourselves and the universe equally. We would like any one who has thought about the big questions in life to join us in the positive exploration of answers.

To other seekers. We are in the process of creating a psychic development circle kit and forming a nonprofit and will gladly take donations and input. Donations will help us offer services like Psychic Development Circle training kits, Psychic investigation Services, Medium Readings to loved ones for the grieving at low or no cost, Offer spiritual retreats for healing and renewal at low cost. We like to think of this time as the new renaissances.

The Lightworkers were founded in Fresno CA by Michelle Hodge Tedrow. Michelle found each of the founding members in seemingly magical ways. “We are hoping to have global reach the mission is not limited by geography”  Pictured from L to R: Crissy, Barb, Salo, Darcy, Jen and Michelle.

Order a set of 12 note cards to help raise funds for the foundation. You will enjoy the beautiful one of kind cards. Anyone that receives one will feel the light.The cards were painted by Lightworker and San Francisco painter and artist Christopher  Miller as well as the founding members of the foundation Box Set only $25. It’s a custom order so please allow 3 weeks.