Dedicated to exploring and sharing spiritual gifts and knowledge

Michelle Tedrow cofounder of the Lightworkers Foundation is an accomplished psychic medium, investigator, teacher, lecturer and spirit sketch artist. Michelle like most successful mediums always had a knowing and the gift of seeing spirit. At a young age she had visions of ghosts that were very real but she was encouraged to ignore them.


In 2002, after losing her brother Mike, she received a vision of her brothers accident this sent her on a journey of spiritual growth. She also received an incredible evidential Medium reading that verified her vision. This was her calling. Michelle became a student of the spiritual realm, she researched and tested every theory she came across and eventually developed through trial and error her own style. Michelle believes continual study is necessary to stay connected. Growth and development is part of her commitment to spirit and her clients. She continues to study under the tutelage of the talented psychic detective Pam Coronado and has many mentors she consults with.


In 2008 spirit began to push Michelle to do more with her gifts. Things started to happen with no prodding from her. She was asked to develop and lead a team of Psychic Investigators for the local TAPS affiliated paranormal group and then asked to teach a class at the local community college. She can now regularly be seen teaching and speaking on spiritual matters thoughout Central California. Michelle launched the Lightworker’s Foundation with a team of esteemed professional with a mission dedicated to exploring spiritual gifts and knowledge.


"I can’t ask for a better more fulfilling career, I get to sit in awe of every day." said Michelle. She also has big dreams of expanding the mission. She has started by offering low price readings and classes through her foundation. She also generously donates psychic investigative and medium work to victims of violent crimes families. Michelle has conducted over a hundred classes/development groups and made several appearances in documentaries and other media to speak on bahalf of the spirit, she said “As long as spirits keep asking me to share with their loved ones to help heal I will keep doing it.”



Michelle Hodge Tedrow

Evidential Psychic Medium, Spirit Artist, Psychic Investigator, Speaker and Teacher

Readings by Michelle

Due to time constraints Michelle is taking only a few readings per month, please email Michelle for reading availability. She only does phone readings at $75 per 1 hour. May take up to 72 hours to answer any query..


Founded the Lightworkers Foundation 03/09

Lead Psychic Investigator- Central California Paranormal Investigator 01/09-09/11

Founded the Central California Lightworkers Psychic Unit 03/09

Guest Speaker for The Red Hat Ladies meeting 09/09

Taught classes at The Fresno Adult School 03/10-03/12

Appeared in Hauntings in Central California Documentary Series aired on KAIL Fresno Channel 53.

The Sierra Sky Ranch- 10/09

The Jeffery Hotel- May 2010

The Nonini Winery- June 2011



Weird Fresno article 09/10

Lectured at the Big Read, Fresno County Library 10/10

Interview in the Valley Voice newspaper 10/10

Started up Fresno Lightworkers Foundation Meetup provided over 30-70 events annually 10/10 to present

Appeared on Fresno Forward at Central Valley Talk Radio on 2 times in 2011

Appeared in The Hanford Sentinal 10/29/11

Appeared on BS in Fresno at Central

Valley Talk Radio 2 times in 2011

Event Speaker and Gallery Reading,

Preston Castle ParaCon 11/19/11

KSEE 24 News story Nonini Winery 4/3/12